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Rendering music

So I need a way of recording my learnings about Jazz music. Mostly because I can barely keep track of my life in general.

Turns out there’s a sweet library called abc.js. It renders the ABC syntax for music! I used to use Lilypond, but this is a nice subset, suitable for webpages.

Well, the minified version is 487kb, which you all have already downloaded just by visiting this website. Sorry about that!

As a test, I have posted one of the jazz licks I am learning in this post. In a future blog post, I shall talk about things I have learnt about each lick.

T: Lick 1
|:"Dm7b5" F3 ^C DF_Ac|"G7" B_B_A^F G=Bdf|"Cm7" _e8:|