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Swinging Jazz

So I had a piano lesson today.

I’ve been learning Charlie Parker’s “Dexterity” for the past few weeks.

Some interesting points follow.

Comping yourself

With chords in bebop, the tempos are usually too fast to be able to play two handed chords. Keep it to simple Bud Powell voicings.

Chordal expectation is a thing. Hit chords either after or before beat 3 depending on what the melody is doing.

The tune

Very quick, I need to work on my timing.

Swinging (not)

No swing! Bebop tunes don’t swing! Only swing jazz swings.

The swing feel is achieved - The drums - The accenting on the offbeats

The melodic interest is generated through: - Random accents - Reduction of the melody - Incredible tempo

Play the melody rock solid straight. No exceptions.